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The Houston Arts Foundation (HAF), a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation, formerly known as the Houston Municipal Art Foundation, receives private-sector donations for the continued preservation of Houston's more than 400 city-owned artworks. The volunteer Board of Directors of the Houston Arts Foundation currently consists of eight members, four Emeritus members, and four Ex-Officio members.


The majority of the HAF's funds come from the Adopt-A-Monument program and from private donors to the City's art collection, who are required to contribute 10% of the value of the donated piece for conservation and maintenance. These funds augment various public grants and Civic Art Program funds to maintain and conserve City-owned public art.


The Houston Arts Foundation has committed to expand the Adopt-A-Monument program with corporate sponsors, foundations, individuals, and in the schools in the community. The program builds civic pride, appreciation for public art and its conservation, and fosters respect for public places.


Board Members:


  • Heidi Vaughan, Chairman

  • Gus Kopriva, Vice Chairman

  • Tabitha Doby, Secretary 

  • Tony Martinez, Treasurer

  • Kathleen Blakeslee, AAM Co-Chairman

  • Alton DuLaney, AAM Co-Chairman

  • Eric Potts

  • Sheldon Weisfeld

  • Avisheh Mohsenin

  • Chris Hill

  • Jimmy Castillo, Houston Arts Alliance, Acting Director of Civic Art + Design, Ex-Officio

  • Debbie McNulty, City of Houston, Mayor’s Office Mayor’s Asst. for Cultural Affairs, Ex-Officio

  • Richard Vella, City of Houston, Gen. Services Department, Ex-Officio

  • Christine West, Houstonfirst, Cultural Programs Manager, Ex-Officio

  • Barbara Claiborn, Emeritus

  • Peter Key, Emeritus

  • Sally Reynolds, Emeritus

  • Barbara Blades Lines, Emeritus