Mahatma Ghandi
African Elephant


Houston Mac Whitney

Help Us Preserve a Piece of History


Sam Houston needs your help. So do Mahatma Gandhi and Christopher Columbus. We are, of course, referring to the statues of these historic figures—all valuable artworks owned by the City of Houston and part of an enviable collection of over 400 pieces of remarkable public art. Finding the funds to conserve and restore these artworks is a constant struggle for our City, especially during challenging budget times. That's why we need your help.




To make sure this art is perpetually available for public enjoyment and inspiration, the non-profit Houston Arts Foundation matches art loving individuals, schools, foundations, and corporations with specific monuments to help fund their conservation and restoration. Since 1996, this successful program has raised more than $300,000 in donations and grants for some of Houston's most prominent works of public art. Those adopting works of art are publicly recognized by HAF through news releases, a presentation event, and our website. We encourage partners to promote their involvement through their own websites and in social media.


School and Corporate Partnerships


A growing part of the program is the involvement of schools with a matching corporate partner. Besides helping choose a monument to adopt, HAF helps the school team recruit a corporate partner who commits to match their donation. The students involved with HAF learn not only about the work of art they have adopted, but also about setting common goals to achieve desired objectives, and about the responsibility of ongoing community involvement. These programs last an entire school year, with fundraising initiatives developed by the students and their teachers, as well as discussions on the history and significance of their adopted work of art. Some programs include a field trip/check presentation with their corporate partner and the Houston Arts Foundation at the site of their adopted artwork.



Below are some monuments that need to be adopted. Click on the links to find out more info about them.


"Armillary Sphere" by Kenneth Lynch and Sons


“Vaquero” by Luis Jimenez in Moody Park


“Houston” by Mac Whitney in Stude Park


“Atropos Key” by Hannah Stewart in Hermann Park


“Synchronicity of Color” by Margo Sawyer in Discovery Green


“Pachikadi and His Flying Friends” by Elaine Bradford in the Vinson Neighborhood Library


“Birth from the Sea” by John Biggers in Johnson Neighborhood Library


“The Quilting Party” by John Biggers in Wortham Center